Icky Flix(2001)

In late 2000, The Residents announced their first DVD project: a compilation of old, new, and restored material called Icky Flix. The DVD collects almost all of their videos -- including a new edit of Vileness Fats -- and adds a number of new ones featuring animation by Jim Ludtke, H-GUN, Bill Domonkos, and others. On top of this, The Residents have re-recorded the music to every video, creating new versions of every song on the DVD. Thanks to the multi-soundtrack abilities of DVDs, both the original and the new versions are available for each video. The DVD does not contain every Residential video -- notably absent are Earth vs. The Flying Saucers and Ty's Freak Show. However, the collection is very impressive: seventeen videos, including a new edit of Vileness Fats.

Keep an eye open for stray eyeballs in the DVD menus, as well. They lead to hidden Easter Eggs: special treats The Residents have hidden throughout the disc menus. These include excerpts from rare and unreleased video you won't find anywhere else.