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First Release
CDROM interactive game - 1995 - Inscape - 1-887428-03-8 - US
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Timmy -- Diana Alden
Dixie -- Molly Harvey
Dagmar -- Sharon Bystreak Ludtke
IRS Man -- Seymore Hodges
Lottie -- Molly Harvey
Ted -- Mark Morgan
Otto -- John Sanborn
Ike -- Ollie Gordon
Jocko -- Elmore Madison
Everybody Else -- The Residents

Executive Production -- Michael Nash
Music / Story -- The Residents
Production -- Sharon Bystreak Ludtke
Animation & Design -- Jim Ludtke
Programming -- Iain Lamb
Dixie's Story -- Ronald M. Davis Dagmar's Story -- Paul Mavrides
IRS Man's Story -- Doug Fraser
Lottie's Story -- Georganne Deen
Animation: Bill Domonkos
Ted's Story -- Dave McKean
Oscar's Story -- Richard Sala (Narrator: Diana Alden)
Otto's Story -- Peter Kuper
Coma Dream -- Bill Domonkos
Torture's Top Ten -- Jonathon Rosen Animation: James Nelson
Kill A Commie Shooting Gallery -- Steve Cerio
Animation: Joel Hornsby
Marvels of Mayhem -- Leigh Barbier
Warehouse Props -- Poe Dismuke Almost Everything Else -- Pore Know Graphics

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