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• Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats / The Census Taker
• WOW 2/CD set coming April 15 from RALPHLET
• Santa Dog and Residue vinyl now coming "April 21 or sooner"
• Mildly reworked CODGERS ON THE MOON - CD/LP @MVD

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What you can buy, now or soon.

Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats? / The Census Taker - CD at MVD

Codgers on the Moon - both CD and LP at MVD

Santa Dog re creation - Superior Viaduct

Residue vinyl - Superior Viaduct

Tickets for LIVE Shadowland tour - dates

A number of catalog items, DVD, CD and LP - MVD

Radio Thoreau singles -
Chat for Fans:

Researching what merchandise will be sold on tour. This is a 7 show tour so small quantities will be available. NOTE: earlier shows will have more items than later shows.
• About 90 WONDER OF WEIRD 2/CD. Similar to the USA one, but CDR. Not numbered copies. Not from the edition sold by Miles.

• About 35 of the SANTA DOG 2/45 from Superior Viaduct.

• Official Shadowland Tee-shirt.

• Assorted items left over from previous tours.

Though it has been discussed here many time, there still seems to be a poor understanding about touring. Playing shows is a job, actually a series of jobs that have to be precisely lined up in a row for the calendar and the location. The Residents do not decide where they wish to play any more than any of us can decide where we want to work and show up expecting to have a job waiting for us.

Agents put out a world-wide notice of The Residents availability within a certain time frame. For Shadowland there was not sufficient interest in a row in the time frame in the USA. So there are no shows in the USA. In Europe there were only seven promoters who had openings in the time frame that were close enough to each other to be reachable.

The Residents are not popular but have to compete to play the same venues that popular bands use. Often there are few suitable venues in a town and many bands on tour at the same time trying to perform in them.

Charles Bobuck has medical restrictions that prevent him from living on tour buses for extended periods of time. I think everyone knows this, or should by now. However, there was not sufficient interest in Shadowland for it to even be a problem. He could play more than seven shows if anyone had hired them. But he and the others are still trying. Seven shows are better than none. If that doesn’t include a show near you, that is not a reflection on you, or them not caring. It is no more their fault for not playing where you live than it is your fault for not living where they are playing.

Also it doesn’t mean that there will never be more Shadowland shows. But at the moment promoters are not interested. Than could change, maybe next year. Or not.
Demonic! The Residents Live in Oslo!
  • Compact Disc (CD)

    ships out within 10 days
    8 remaining
     $20 USD or more
  • Compact Disc (CD + DVD)

    In addition to the 2 discs of concert audio, this special numbered edition comes with a DVD sampler of video from that same tour. ships out within 10 days
     $30 USD or more

RALPHLET (NEW Band Camp store)


remnants of album sales, tour leftovers, odds n' ends, and a couple of auctions of very hard-to-find items.
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The album list that was here has been relocated if you need to access it:
•Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats / The Census Taker CD coming from MVD this summer
The 1985 album, Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats/ is coming to MVD along with the first CD release of the full album of The Census Taker (other than as bonus tracks on a limited Japanese CD from a few years ago.)

• Santa Dog and Residue vinyl now coming April 15
Superior Viaduct has announced the new old titles, Santa Dog and Residue coming March 18, 2014.

Santa Dog



The Residents move into the final phase of their 40th Anniversary Randy Chuck and Bob project with Shadowland.
Concluding the celebration of their 40th anniversary, The Residents are pleased to announce Shadowland, Part 3 of the Randy, Chuck & Bob Trilogy. Aspiring to examine life in reverse, the trilogy began in 2010 with The Talking Light, a study of ghosts and death; reflecting on love and sex, the group continued with their Wonder of Weird tour in 2013; and finally with Shadowland, Randy, Chuck & Bob will focus on the beginning of life - birth. As with Parts 1 & 2 of the trilogy, Part 3 will feature music from The Residents’ extensive catalog interspersed with short videos about birth, rebirth, reincarnation and NDEs (near death experiences). "

• Mildly reworked CODGERS ON THE MOON - CD/LP @MVD
The Residents present
A Charles Bobuck Contraption

coming in June from MVD - available for ordering now

Vinyl limited edition
normal CD here