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Vote or Die!

After returning from their European tour, The Residents set upon the task of listening to the ever-growing number of submissions for the I AM A RESIDENT! album. Every time they thought they'd reached the end, they'd reload the page and find a dozen or more new entries. One of them was even heard to remark "now I know how Penn felt."

And just like that beleaguered magician, The Residents came through with a newfound appreciation for the breadth and length of what these artists were creating. And that led to a pivot in the direction of the project. It was originally intended to be a tribute album of a handful of the best songs. And while there's nothing wrong with that, it's been done before, and more importantly it does not fully embrace the philosophy of I AM A RESIDENT! You think the people on a Beatles tribute album can call themselves Beatles? Heck no! To do that there would have to be some kind of collaboration...

So The Residents are going to dive in and get their hands dirty. They're going to mix, mash, splice and dub until this project completely blurs the lines between artists and fans, originals and tributes. Limited to 12-15 fan submissions? Ha! Nothing so boring as that.

Naturally this means that the song selection will be up to the whims of the Hardcore Four, but there will still be a vote to decide which tracks appear on the handmade vinyl single. The Residents have pre-selected 50 of their favorite entries (out of a whopping 197 in total!), and it's up to YOU THE PEOPLE to whittle those down to the few, the proud, the Chosen.

Head over to to cast your ballot by December 31, 2017.