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Alternately seen as a rock band, an arts collective and a spirit, THE RESIDENTS have been regarded as icons in the world of experimental music for over forty years. In addition to their groundbreaking work in the areas of trance, world fusion, electronica, punk, industrial and lounge music, the group has also been credited with being among the originators of performance art and music video. Their early videos are in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art and their Freak Show CD-ROM was featured in MOMA's "Looking at Music 3.0" exhibition. Their four decade long career has also taken them into the world of film and television music, having scored numerous films and TV series as well as several projects for MTV. In addition, the group is also thriving in the world of digital media having released ten DVDs, and two internet series.

The group celebrated its 40th anniversary with a trilogy of tours - The Talking Light, Wonder of Weird and Shadowland - performing as Randy, Chuck & Bob, the World's Greatest Residents Cover Band, an unexpected morphing into a power trio, gleefully plundering their vast catalog of music to the delight to their fans. Not content to rest upon their justly lauded laurels, the group reformed as THE REAL(?) RESIDENTS, a four piece combo that celebrated its debut at the prestigious Blue Note jazz club in Tokyo in early 2017. The show continues with a European tour in the fall and plans for a US tour in the spring of 2018.

Recent Reviews
The Ghost of Hope

"This moving yet strangely exhilarating album is a distant relative of The Residents’ 1979 album Eskimo, their sonic studies of Arctic culture."
David Stubbs, TeamRock

"The Ghost of Hope is about our endless, restless search for bigger, better, and faster. All progression leaves tragedy in its wake."
Christopher Laird, PopMatters

"The stories on The Ghost Of Hope do reflect the theme’s moment in history authentically and are told in a such a way that draws the listener in completely. Perhaps after all these years as perennial suppliers of outsider oddness, the Residents now sit with the likes of Johnny Cash and Woody Guthrie as chroniclers of stories from the hidden side of Americana? The strangest stroke they ever pulled!"
Ian Canty, Louder Than War

"While longtime fans may sense the absence of Bobuck in certain spots, it's a Residents album through and through, with all the atmosphere and Residential perspective one could ask for."
Sean Westergaard, AllMusic

"This is probably their best record in years – so jump on board."
Ian Shirley, Record Collector Magazine

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Awards and Accolades

1995 - Freak Show - Communication Arts Interactive Annual / Entertainment Award of Excellence

1995 - Bad Day on the Midway - Macrovision International User Conference Award / Best Entertainment Title

1995 - Bad Day on the Midway - Macrovision International User Conference Award / Most Innovative Use of Multimedia

Museum and Fine Arts Credits

1985 - Los Angeles Institute Of Contemporary Art | Exhibition of Sets & Costumes | Curator: Jerry Wellman

1985 - Museum of Modern Art - NYC | "Music Video: The Industry and Its Fringes" | Curator: Barbara London

1991 - "The Art of Music Video: Ten Years After" - NYC | Long Beach Museum of Art | Curator: Michael Nash

1992 - The Kitchen - NYC | "Hissing and Kissing the Wind" | Installation of Sets, Costumes and Artifacts | Curator: Steve Gallagher

1992 - Museum of Modern Art - NYC | "Video Viewpoints" | 20 Twisted Questions Laserdisc (Voyager) Premier | Curator: Barbara London

1993 - Duetsches Filmmuseum - Frankfort | "Sound & Vision" | Videos and Freak Show CD-Rom | Curator: Herbert Gehr

1997 - Museum of Modern Art - NYC | "Video Wall" | Curator: Barbara London

2000 - Museum of Modern Art - NYC | "Video Time" | Curator: Barbara London

2006 - Museum of Modern Art - NYC | "The Residents: Re-Visited" | Video Retrospective | Curator: Barbara London

2006 - Museum of Modern Art - NYC | "The River of Crime - Community Video Contest" | Curator: Barbara London

2007 - Yerba Buena Center for the Arts - San Francisco | "Reich 'n Roll Revisited: A Residents Retrospective" | Curator: Joel Sheppard

2007 - Museum of Contemporary Art - Chicago | "Sympathy for the Devil" Art and Rock and Roll | Curator: Dominic Molon

2008 - Bozar Expo - Brussels | "It's Not Only Rock 'n' Roll Baby" | Curator: Jerome Sans

2008 - Museum of Modern Art - NYC | "Looking at Music" | Curator: Barbara London

2009 - Berkeley Art Museum - Berkeley, CA | "Sam's Enchanted Evening" Performance | Curator: Sarah Cahill

2009 - Pacific Film Archives - Berkeley, CA | Video Retrospective | Curator: Steve Seid

2010 - Museum Folkwang - Essen, Germany | "A Star is Born - Photography and Rock since Elvis" | Curator: Christiane Kuhlmann

2010 - Centre Pompidou - Paris | "The Residents' Talking Light" - Performance

2010 - CPH FILM FESTIVAL - Copenhagen | CPH:DOX | Video Retrospective | Curator: Niklas K. Engstrøm

2010 - Kulturhuset Bølgen - Larvik, Norway | Video Retrospective | Curator: Andreas Gilhuus

2010 - Galerie Caesar - Olomouc, Czech Republic | Residents in Residence - Art Retrospective | Curator - Mirek Schubert

2011 - Johansson Projects - Oakland, CA | From The Archives of The Residents: Homer Flynn | Curator - Jana Flynn

2012 - Contemporary Arts Center - Cincinnati, OH | Spectacle: The Music Video | Curator - Raphaela Platow

2012 - Shanghai Biennale | 9th Shanghai Biennale: Inter-City Pavilions Project | Curator: Chris Fitzpatrick

2014 - LeLieu Unique - Nantes, France | "Shadowland" - Performance

2014 - Museum of Modern Art - NYC | The Residents' UBS (Ultimate Box Set) | Acquisition and Delivery

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